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Phoenix Domiciliary

Phoenix Domiciliary

Phoenix Domiciliary provide care to people whilst living in their own home. This may include older people; those with mental health problems; people with sensory loss; and the physically disabled. Whilst the care needs can be met in a person’s home. The Domiciliary Care sector is currently undergoing rapid growth and reflects the changing border between social and health care.

The services offered by Phoenix Domiciliary often include help with bodily functions such as feeding, bathing, help with the toilet etc. Also other care involving physical contact, such as help into and out of the bath, or dressing, can be offered along with non-physical care, such as supervision, motivation and advice regarding these activities.

Any care agency that provides personal care for someone living in the own home, has to be registered with the care quality commission (CQC). Each agency is required to have a person registered for responsibility of the services provided by then. This is often the most senior manager or the owner. Care agencies should make a guide available to you containing their statement of purpose, aims and objectives, and services offered.

Prior to commencing provision of care, the Agency should perform a care needs assessment in the individual’s own home. Some examples of points for considerations are well-being, continence, medication requirements, mental health, communication ability, dietary requirements etc.

If you are self-funded the Care Agency should provide you with a written contract containing information such as name, address and telephone number of the agency; out of hours contact number; fees payable; circumstances under which the service may be cancelled; key-holding holidays and sickness; rights and responsibilities of each party etc.

If you are interested in getting help and support please contact us and we will be happy to advise you and look at options so you can receive quality care in the privacy of your own home.

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